Thursday, July 18, 2013

Three Way Trade

2013's off-season continues to be a busy one this mid July. We have another trade to annouce, this time between three teams, making it the season's first 3-way. Here's how it all looks:

To Greatness
CaptainPowerMoose 1st round --- 3RD OVERALL

To CaptainPowerMoose
Greatness 1st round (via Milltown Moose) --- 9TH OVERALL
Jeff Carter


To CaptainPowerMoose
King Flameheads 3rd round (via No Homers) and King Flameheads 3rd round (via inTIMidators)

To King Flameheads
CaptainPowerMoose 4th round (via Milltown Moose) and CaptainPowerMoose 6th round (via King Flameheads)
Jeff Carter

What a doozy!

Remember that all this is being tracked in the tracker section as well. The stats sheets are updated in near real time.

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