Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yet Another Trade

King Flameheads has been on an absolute trade joyride over the past week. The firey GM has just pulled off another doozy with another familiar trading partner, No Homers. Check out the details below:

To King Flameheads
No Homers 1st round (via Greatness) and No Homers 5th round

To No Homers
King Flameheads 6th round (via Greatness) and KF 7th round
N. Kadri
J. Carter

This trade pushes King Flameheads up into the first round instead of his first pick being late in the 2nd round. It in turn pushes No Homers out of the top 3 rounds, for now at least.

The question now is; is GM Harris done for the off-season, or does he have more moves up his sleeve? Time will tell!

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