Monday, August 12, 2013

Deadlines Approaching

This summer is certainly passing by quickly. It's hard to imagine that, in less than 3 weeks, we'll have two important deadlines come and go. On September 1st, by end of day, a list of 10 Keepers are to be submitted by all GMs. This will be the 5th year we've done this now, so its should come to no surprise that it needs to be done, however, if GM's do not submit them the penalty will be a random selection of keepers from their final roster. I'm sure nobody wants to start the year out that way, so I suspect everyone will have their selections in on time. Some will be last minute submissions, as per normal, but they will get done.

Another important deadline ends as September begins: Off-season trading. GMs will be no longer allowed to trade any assets after September 1st, and will not be able to do so again until draft day.  This means that there are less than 3 weeks to make deals happen, if anyone is working on them.

Speaking of draft day, please remember that our day for drafting each year is always the second Sunday of September. This year, it will be at 9:30pm on September 15th - provided Yahoo has that timeslot available, which they always do. We'll know for sure in a week or two though, when the system opens up again.

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