Sunday, September 29, 2013

Two Days To Go

The keepers have been selected, and the draft has been conducted. All that we need to have happen now is the league to start, and that will come to be in just two days! I'm sure all sixteen GMs are getting excited now as they go into the ninth season of our beloved league. FIGJAM will be pushing to be the first ever back-to-back champion, while the seven other champs attempt to thwart that in effort to become the first ever two-time champion. Then there are the eight GMs who haven't won yet. There is no doubt they'll be pushing for history to not repeat by trying to ensure the long standing single victory GMs stick around a while long. Time will tell how that works out for everyone.

The first of the weekly move and shaker awards will come next Sunday, by the way. Please remember that the first week is based on each teams final standing last year. We'll see who has the best jump from year to year, or the best drop for that matter. From there on, it continues on weekly as per normal.

Other than that, make sure your rosters are set. We're almost ready to rumble. Yee haw!

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