Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

We are less than a week into the 2013-14 season, but we already have a winner to announce. Today kicks of the annual weekly Mover and Shaker award day. Week one's winner generally comes at a short week, but this one was actually a day or two longer than it normally is. Remember that the first winner of the year is based on the final points each team had at the end of last season.

Five teams had a more than 30 point gain this week, with two of those grabbing more than 40 points on their last years standing: Ellicott Inferno and King Flameheads. The latter of the two had 46.5 points to the former's 40.5, and thus is crowned this weeks mover and shaker. He wins a free move, dropping his total down from 1 to 0.

This is not the best indication of who is doing the best at the moment, however. Greatness and Untrust lead the league, and it was only in the final day that Untrust was dethroned from the top spot after a week of dominance. Neither of these two were in the pack of five who had the most gains on last season, though the third place team, Porter's Penguins, was. Interesting...

All this means little in the meantime. We have a very long season ahead of us.

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