Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 5

Now that we're into month two of this early season, we have reached a point where we no longer compare stats to last seasons achievements. It's probably "useless" and "rubbish" to be doing such things anyway, but the league does see value in at least having a look. Nonetheless, we are now into month two, and all further stat comparisons will be within this year.

In looking at this weeks snapshot, the first thing that jumps out are the top three ranks; for the first time since the end of the short week to start the year, we have a new GM up there. Caribous pushed out Untrust - or maybe Untrust pushed himself out, with his big point drop this week - to take control of 3rd overall. Caribous gained 20 points over the past seven days to make that happen, and not only did he get into the top three with that achievement, but he also won Mover and Shaker this week too. He'll have an additional move to help him keep pushing, now with a total of 7 used, down from 8.

The Stats:

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