Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

What has been most impressive so far in this young season, is how tight the rankings have been to date. Up until the last few days, there were only 80 or so points separating the top team from the bottom one. If it wasn't for the super bad weeks that Flames and Porters Penguins had - they lost 25.5 and 15 points this week respectively - things would still be pretty tight from top to bottom. Then again, perhaps this is the period where the champs start out-matching the chumps. It's difficult to say for sure at this point, as there have only been an average of 289 games played per team, thus far.  With an average of 911 games needed to be played per team to reach the 1200 minimum, we have quite a large amount of stats to calculate before things are all said and done. There is plenty of time for chumps to rise, and champs to fall.

The big story this week comes from a perennial contender who has been fairly quiet in the first five weeks of this ninth season. That changed in week six however, when Ploughman's Posse blasted up the ranks from 8th to 4th. The team achieved this with a massive 26.5 gain over the last seven days, and this impressive movement no doubt has opened the eyes of the GMs commanding the top tier of teams. By a long shot, the Posse has been crowned Mover and Shaker this week. He wins a free move, dropping him to 6 moves used.

The Stats (click to make bigger):

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