Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 9

Now that we're into month three of this ninth year of awesome fantasy hockey, it's about time we check in on the past champs again. Every year we wonder who the first two-time champion will be, and it's so far shaping up to look like we'll have one this year. Past champion, and a yearly contender, Greatness is commanding the league thus far, and  in a big way. Much work will need to be done by others to topple him at this point. The next three teams behind him, however, are all past champions as well. No Homers, Ploughman's Posse and last years champ Figjam are all in the mix in the top four. Not far behind them at number six, is third year champ Untrust, who has hovered around the top ranks all year. The only two past champs who aren't looking up to par this year, so far, are inTIMidators and Ellicott Inferno. There's time to turn things around, but they have to get busy soon in order to do that.

The Mover and Shaker this week comes out of this elite group of past champions, and in fact is our most recent one. It looks like Figjam not only wants to be the first ever two-time champion, but the first ever back-to-back champ as well. He still has work to do, but if the 12.5 gain over this week is a sign of things to come, those above him better watch out. Champ wins a free move with this week's achievement, dropping him from 12 used to 11.

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