Monday, December 8, 2014

Mover and Shaker Month Two

The stats were indeed captured yesterday, on the day it was supposed to for the Monthly Mover and Shaker Awards. Yes, this post is a day late - the Commish got shit to do sometimes yo. #HoHoHo

At this point last month we say a clear divide between a top tier and a bottom one, the top 8 and the bottom 8 in this case, interestingly enough. One month later, and the exact same teams are in the exact same tiers, albeit some have shifted around slightly.

Let's focus on those tiers for a minute. Currently we have, as we did last month, Greatness leading the top tier of 8. His lead is not as commanding as it was last month, but the 8th place team - No Homers - still has 51.5 points to get to him. The 2nd placed team - Zig Zag Zambonies - has it bad enough needing 22.5 points to topple him. From ranks 2 to 7 we have ZZZ, Jack Daniels Ghost, Caribous, FIGJAM, King Flameheads and Flames - they are all only 22 points within each other.

The bottom tier starts a full 22 points below the 8th place team, lead by The inTIMidators who is pretty much the only one of that pack worth mentioning at the moment... save one.

In Moving and Shaking this month we have one GM from each tier. In the top tier we have a past champion from the pre-keeper era strutting a bit stuff this year. Jack Daniel's Ghost's 23 point gain popped him up 4 ranks this month, taking him into 3rd overall. From the bottom tier we have a team with a whopping 35 point gain to cap off this months awards. This feat was achieved by 'Da Jefferson's' Moose, who has also climbed 4 ranks this month, taking him to 11th overall. For this, they both win a move.

The Stats:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mover and Shaker Month One

We are now a full month into the 2014-2015 season, and with that comes our first ever monthly mover and shaker awards. For those not yet caught up, we have switched to a new format this year giving out 2 awards to the top top movers of the month, instead of a weekly award. With that reminder out there, let's get going.

Those paying attention over the past month would have seen several teams jockeying for position, rising and falling throughout the days. It's still very early in the season, but all eyes are on Greatness at the moment, a team who seems to always be in the championship chatter every single year. He currently sits on top in a tier of his own, a full 31.5 points ahead of the next placed team.

The league below Greatness is split into several tiers, but there appears to be a quite a bit of moment throughout these as the weeks pass. This past month saw 10 teams in the green, moving up from their original base rank position captured 4 weeks ago. This means that 6 teams took the brunt of losses, some of which with some massive drops - No Homers, and inTIMidators specifically, with a loss of 59 and 58 points respectively. Yikes.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Zig Zag Zambonies, who started out in 10th position 4 weeks ago, with a 136 points. With the 54 points he gained over the past month, he now sits in 2nd overall. He was the top mover and shaker for month one, and he gains a free move for being so.

The aforementioned Greatness didn't start off as poorly ranked, at 4th overall, but gained a whopping 50 points nonetheless. His feat captured the 2nd mover and shaker award for this month, also gaining a free move.

Stats below:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mover and Shaker Base

The league kicked into gear this week - woohoo! - and with that began the long journey to the championship title for sixteen impressive GMs. It's believed that this year will be a very competitive one, with several teams being in the mix for many months to come.

As always, to help with that championship run, we will have Mover and  Shaker awards to give out, but this years awards will be handled a little differently. Instead of a weekly award for one GM, we will be giving out a monthly award to two GMs. Every team started off at 0 this year - in previous years it was the end rank and points total of the year prior - but the base rank and points total that we will be using for the awards was where everyone stood on the first Sunday of the year, which was yesterday. Those base numbers are below:

Check back on November 9th for the first winners!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Decade of Dub Drafting

It's draft day once again in our beloved 'Dub', and this one tonight will mark our 10th time doing so.

When this league was started a decade ago, the vision to make a it lasting one was ever present, and to see it now 10 years later is pretty special to me. There have been some tumultuous times over the years as we've painstakingly pieced this whole thing together, but I will always think it was worth it. Looking back at the history now brings up a lot of memories.

I vividly remember the first year being very tough in gaining interest, but 11 managers did join in the end - 5 of which are still with us - and thus we began our journey. Year 2 swelled in numbers - 17 with 8 of those currently still in the league - but the interest still wasn't anywhere near what it is today. It was during this time that I began to think of ways to make the league special, more interactive, more anything to further us onto a whole new level. We added competitions, trackers, dues and prizes, and a bunch of fun other items, most of which we still have today.

The 3rd draft was again a normal random order draft, but it was in this season that we started to develop the extremely extensive keeper league we have today. We had 19 participants that season - 10 of which are still GMs - and quickly realized this was too many, thus capping it at 16 teams for the years going forward.

The 4th draft was the start of a new era, as this draft was the first one where we knew at the end of the season we were to keep 5 players for the following season, which was later upped to 8 players, and then 10, as we continued to democratically develop everything. It was still a random order, snake draft in that season, but this was the last time we ever did it. We only had 15 teams that year, but did find our 16th for the following year, and haven't had any different number since. Different managers sure, but no more and no less.

Drafts 5 through 9 didn't see many huge changes, save the introduction of a lottery to determine the order which came sometime throughout those years. We did begin to see the fruits of our labours throughout these years however, as all those contracts, rules, and regulations began to work.

Now, here were are a decade later and we still have the best damn fantasy hockey league on the planet. I don't how many of you realize how close this was all to coming to and end last year. The dark days of The Dub was rough, and it was literally a flip of a coin - 2 out of 3 - that kept it open in the end. I'm delighted that lady luck was on our side that day, as I think that would have been one of the biggest regrets in my life had it gone another way.

But history is exactly that; history. The future is upon is. Good luck to everyone in their drafting today, and let's make this 10th anniversary an awesome one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keepers In - Trade Freeze

September 1st has come and gone, and with that comes the end of the off-season. Everyone has submitted their keepers on time, and all the applicable stat sheets have been updated. The yahoo system has also been set, both the trade order - be sure to read the thread on the yahoo league message board about the picks - and the keeper selections.

At this time, there is a trade freeze enacted. This will last up until Draft Day, which takes place on Sunday September 14th at 9:30pm NL time. Just under 2 weeks away!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Keeper D-Day Trade Three

Looks like Cove Contingent wasn't done. Perhaps he is putting a new identity on his team, after it being ran by somebody else for years? Whatever the motivations are, here's his next trade with Figjam:

To Figjam:
S. Mason

To Cove Contingent:
V. Filppula
D. Brassard
O. Pavelec

Keeper D-Day Trade Two

With less than 3 hours to go on the keeper deadline day, we have another trade to announce. It appears that the league sources were incorrect about King Flameheads not making any moves in the off-season, as he and Cove Contingent just pulled off the following trade:

To King Flameheads:
4th round pick (via Flames)

To Cove Contingent:
Roman Josi
Thomas Plekanac
Cody Hodgson
Ryan Murray
8th round pick (via Greatness)

Keeper D-Day Trade One

Today is Keeper Deadline Day and with that often comes a few trades before the trade freeze. This year is no exception with at least one being pulled off. It's between No Homers and inTIMidators, who traded the following:

To inTIMidators
No Homers 6th rd (via Cove Contingent)

To No Homers:
C. Ehrhoff
inTIMidators 13th rd (via FIGJAM)

This has been tracked in the spreadsheets, and the yahoo system has been updated with both the trade, and the keeper changes.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Off-Season Trade Three

Keeper deadline day is fast approaching, and some teams are still in trade mode. Favorite trading partners, Ploughman's Posse and Porters Penguins, swapped key players in this latest trade, the third of the off-season:

To Porter's Penguins:
Bryan Little
Ryan O'Reilly
Justin Faulk
Bobby Ryan
Brent Seabrook

To Ploughman's Posse:
Zdeno Chara
Duncan Keith

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trade Number Two

We have another off season trade to announce. This one is between another often trader Greatness, and a GM who is starting to become known as one, Roly Snipes.

To Greatness:
Mike Richards
11th round pick (via King Flameheads)

To Roly Snipes
Cory Schneider
10th round pick (via Roly Snipes)

Speaking of often traders, inside sources have told us that King Flameheads will not be making any off season moves. Shocker for sure, but that's the word on the street.

Don't forget that trading is shut down from end of day September 1st to Draft Day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

League Open & Offseason Trade

This blog has been mostly dormant for several months now, as per normal for the summer months. With the end of August here however, we'll be picking things up again for a new year - our 10th year. It's crazy to think that the WTHL yahoo league has been created 10 times now, a full decade of fantasy hockey awesomeness. And yes, this years league has indeed been created with Yahoo opening things up this week for the 2014-15 season. Invites to all GMs have been sent, and please join as soon as possible so that the back end draft work can be completed.

Speaking of the draft, please remember that it's always the 2nd weekend in September - this year on Sunday September 14th at 9:30pm NL time.

Also, Keepers are due September 1st. Let's not forget that.

In other news, we have an off-season trade to announce. This is the only one of the year so far, and it's between No Homers - no surprise - and Roly Snipes.

To No Homers:
M. Streit
Roly Snipes 13th round pick

To Roly Snipes:
No Homers 8th round pick

Monday, June 9, 2014

13-14 Lottery Draft Results

The annual year end bash took place this past Friday night, and as always it was a great time. The GMs of King Flameheads, Caribous, The Original Moose, No Homers, Ploughman's Posse, and Zig Zag Zambonies were the only ones in attendance, but it was still an awesome night on stories and shared laughs.

Besides the good times, business was also conducted - the lottery draft! This year had another surprising result with Untrust jumping up the latter from 7th lottery position to 1st pick overall. The rest of the results are below (and posted in the stats section):

The spreadsheets and trackers - - Keeper Tracker, Draft Tracker and Final Rosters - have all now been updated as well, and linked from this site as per normal. Have a great off-season everyone!

13-14 Champion

While much could be said about the turbulent time we had this season, this posts focus will be on the conclusion instead. After a very tight battle between two juggernauts of The Dub, Greatness could not topple Ploughman's Posse at the end of our 9th season. The battle between these two past champs was epic, but The Posse finished on top, and thus becomes the leagues first ever two-time champion. Greatness finished in 2nd, and another past champion No Homers rounded out the top three.
Congrats everyone. Well done.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 19

This will be the last recap for a while, as the NHL will be taking an Olympic break. There isn't much news to report this week to be honest. Only 2 teams made any movement at all in the ranks this week, either up or down. FIGJAM dropped 10 points to now be in 6th, swapping with the other only mover, Caribous, who moved up to 5th. Everyone else stayed exactly where they were last week, though some with different point totals.

This weeks Mover and Shaker is King Flameheads, who only needed to gain 6 points over the week to win his 2nd award in 3 weeks. It should be noted however, that he is now only 2 points above what he was 3 weeks ago. Nonetheless, he gains a free move for the achievement this week, dropping him to 18 used.

The Stats:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 18

This week we will take a look at some of the teams in the bottom half of the league, because we wouldn't want them to feel left out. So much focus has been on the top tier as of late, the lower levels are all but forgotten. Some teams are indeed making a push though, and so much so, this week the Mover and Shaker was between a few in the lower depths. Roly Snipes and Cove Contingent had the biggest battle, but Porter's Penguins was in this mix as well, though his 8.5 point gain didn't crack double digits like the other two managed. Roly Snipes had 11.5 points, and one more than Cove Contingent. Thus, he is crowned this weeks winner, gaining him a free move which drops him down to 20 used. This team pushed up 3 ranks into the top 10 this past 7 days. It should be noted that, though they did not win an award this week, Cove Contingent rose back up to the top 8 with his 10.5 point gain this week, and Porters Penguins rose 2 ranks to 13.

The Stats:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 17

It was an interesting week in top tier land this past few days, on a couple of fronts. First up was No Homers reaching the 200 mark this season, and thus officially injecting himself into said top tier. Sure, he is no longer at 200 - he's at 199 today - and he is a bit back from those above him, but he is certainly making things interesting. Another team making a splash at the moment is Ploughman's Posse, who at one point last night managed to topple the long standing league leader, Greatness. He woke up this morning down by only one point, making this the closest he's been. Things are definitely heating up at the top, and unless something amazing happens to teams below, one of those three are taking home the prize this year... followed by the other two rounding out the podium.

In moving and shaking we had a battle with several teams in a tight pack of those who gained. In the end, it was King Flameheads slow rise slightly up the ranks that got the win. His 7.5 points this week was the high water mark and he is crowed this weeks winner. His free move brings him down to 19 used.

The Stats:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 16

Our 4th month has come to an end, and there isn't any big surprises to report at this time. The league leaders Greatness and Ploughmans Posse are still on top, and in fact have only solidified that lead by gaining more points over the past four weeks. On the opposite end, Petr Skudras Armada continues to sit where he has for several months, in 16th overall. Also solidifying his long standing position in the league this year, he dropped another 15 points this past month.

Shifting focus to the past week, lets look at The Original Moose, who is now being featured for the 4th time time this year. This team sat at 11th with 134 points at the end of week 1, and has wibble-wobbled his way up the leader board ever since. In week 7, 8 and 13, he has been crowned Mover and Shaker, and you can now add 16 to that list, as his 11.5 point gain this week was more than enough to crown him yet again. His free move will bring him down to 7 used.

Stats, including end of month stuff - click to make bigger:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 15

As often happens every year, the league has separated into tiers, and there are currently four of them. The first one at the top is where Greatness and Ploughman's Posse are in a battle to see who can become the first two-time champion. Below them is No Homers, who sits alone in his own tier about 30 points below the top two. These three have have a strong command of the top three at the moment. About 30 more points below those leaders are six teams fighting for 4th overall, who are all separated by only 13 points. Caribous currently leads that pack, but things are changing quickly as this group is perhaps the most active. The final tier sits about 20 points below the last team in the above group, and has seven teams - though we probably could split out Petr Skudras Armada into his own tier, as he sits in last place, well below anyone else - all fighting for a finish in the top 10, at 10th  Flames has hold of that spot at the moment.

There are no large jumps happening from week to week currently, this week included. No team over the past seven days rose above 10 points and no team dropped that many either. Exactly half the league rose in points, while the other half dropped. Of those who gained points, Zig Zag Zambonies squeezed out the most with his 6.5, which was just a shade above two other teams who sat at 6 points gained. ZZZ gets the win and with it a free move, dropping him from 4 used, down to 3.

The stats - click to make bigger:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

The home offices of the WTHL are located in a city that is currently suffering from severe power issues. With that in mind, the Commish will do his part to conserve energy as being asked by keeping this post short, and just reporting the winner

This week No Homers gained some ground on the two leaders ahead of him by accumulating 12 points, which was more than anyone else in the league by a few. Thus, he is crowned week 14's Mover and Shaker and with it he gains a free move, dropping him to 20 used.

The Stats - click to make bigger: