Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 17

It was an interesting week in top tier land this past few days, on a couple of fronts. First up was No Homers reaching the 200 mark this season, and thus officially injecting himself into said top tier. Sure, he is no longer at 200 - he's at 199 today - and he is a bit back from those above him, but he is certainly making things interesting. Another team making a splash at the moment is Ploughman's Posse, who at one point last night managed to topple the long standing league leader, Greatness. He woke up this morning down by only one point, making this the closest he's been. Things are definitely heating up at the top, and unless something amazing happens to teams below, one of those three are taking home the prize this year... followed by the other two rounding out the podium.

In moving and shaking we had a battle with several teams in a tight pack of those who gained. In the end, it was King Flameheads slow rise slightly up the ranks that got the win. His 7.5 points this week was the high water mark and he is crowed this weeks winner. His free move brings him down to 19 used.

The Stats:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 16

Our 4th month has come to an end, and there isn't any big surprises to report at this time. The league leaders Greatness and Ploughmans Posse are still on top, and in fact have only solidified that lead by gaining more points over the past four weeks. On the opposite end, Petr Skudras Armada continues to sit where he has for several months, in 16th overall. Also solidifying his long standing position in the league this year, he dropped another 15 points this past month.

Shifting focus to the past week, lets look at The Original Moose, who is now being featured for the 4th time time this year. This team sat at 11th with 134 points at the end of week 1, and has wibble-wobbled his way up the leader board ever since. In week 7, 8 and 13, he has been crowned Mover and Shaker, and you can now add 16 to that list, as his 11.5 point gain this week was more than enough to crown him yet again. His free move will bring him down to 7 used.

Stats, including end of month stuff - click to make bigger:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 15

As often happens every year, the league has separated into tiers, and there are currently four of them. The first one at the top is where Greatness and Ploughman's Posse are in a battle to see who can become the first two-time champion. Below them is No Homers, who sits alone in his own tier about 30 points below the top two. These three have have a strong command of the top three at the moment. About 30 more points below those leaders are six teams fighting for 4th overall, who are all separated by only 13 points. Caribous currently leads that pack, but things are changing quickly as this group is perhaps the most active. The final tier sits about 20 points below the last team in the above group, and has seven teams - though we probably could split out Petr Skudras Armada into his own tier, as he sits in last place, well below anyone else - all fighting for a finish in the top 10, at 10th  Flames has hold of that spot at the moment.

There are no large jumps happening from week to week currently, this week included. No team over the past seven days rose above 10 points and no team dropped that many either. Exactly half the league rose in points, while the other half dropped. Of those who gained points, Zig Zag Zambonies squeezed out the most with his 6.5, which was just a shade above two other teams who sat at 6 points gained. ZZZ gets the win and with it a free move, dropping him from 4 used, down to 3.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

The home offices of the WTHL are located in a city that is currently suffering from severe power issues. With that in mind, the Commish will do his part to conserve energy as being asked by keeping this post short, and just reporting the winner

This week No Homers gained some ground on the two leaders ahead of him by accumulating 12 points, which was more than anyone else in the league by a few. Thus, he is crowned week 14's Mover and Shaker and with it he gains a free move, dropping him to 20 used.

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