Thursday, August 28, 2014

Off-Season Trade Three

Keeper deadline day is fast approaching, and some teams are still in trade mode. Favorite trading partners, Ploughman's Posse and Porters Penguins, swapped key players in this latest trade, the third of the off-season:

To Porter's Penguins:
Bryan Little
Ryan O'Reilly
Justin Faulk
Bobby Ryan
Brent Seabrook

To Ploughman's Posse:
Zdeno Chara
Duncan Keith

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trade Number Two

We have another off season trade to announce. This one is between another often trader Greatness, and a GM who is starting to become known as one, Roly Snipes.

To Greatness:
Mike Richards
11th round pick (via King Flameheads)

To Roly Snipes
Cory Schneider
10th round pick (via Roly Snipes)

Speaking of often traders, inside sources have told us that King Flameheads will not be making any off season moves. Shocker for sure, but that's the word on the street.

Don't forget that trading is shut down from end of day September 1st to Draft Day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

League Open & Offseason Trade

This blog has been mostly dormant for several months now, as per normal for the summer months. With the end of August here however, we'll be picking things up again for a new year - our 10th year. It's crazy to think that the WTHL yahoo league has been created 10 times now, a full decade of fantasy hockey awesomeness. And yes, this years league has indeed been created with Yahoo opening things up this week for the 2014-15 season. Invites to all GMs have been sent, and please join as soon as possible so that the back end draft work can be completed.

Speaking of the draft, please remember that it's always the 2nd weekend in September - this year on Sunday September 14th at 9:30pm NL time.

Also, Keepers are due September 1st. Let's not forget that.

In other news, we have an off-season trade to announce. This is the only one of the year so far, and it's between No Homers - no surprise - and Roly Snipes.

To No Homers:
M. Streit
Roly Snipes 13th round pick

To Roly Snipes:
No Homers 8th round pick