Sunday, September 14, 2014

Decade of Dub Drafting

It's draft day once again in our beloved 'Dub', and this one tonight will mark our 10th time doing so.

When this league was started a decade ago, the vision to make a it lasting one was ever present, and to see it now 10 years later is pretty special to me. There have been some tumultuous times over the years as we've painstakingly pieced this whole thing together, but I will always think it was worth it. Looking back at the history now brings up a lot of memories.

I vividly remember the first year being very tough in gaining interest, but 11 managers did join in the end - 5 of which are still with us - and thus we began our journey. Year 2 swelled in numbers - 17 with 8 of those currently still in the league - but the interest still wasn't anywhere near what it is today. It was during this time that I began to think of ways to make the league special, more interactive, more anything to further us onto a whole new level. We added competitions, trackers, dues and prizes, and a bunch of fun other items, most of which we still have today.

The 3rd draft was again a normal random order draft, but it was in this season that we started to develop the extremely extensive keeper league we have today. We had 19 participants that season - 10 of which are still GMs - and quickly realized this was too many, thus capping it at 16 teams for the years going forward.

The 4th draft was the start of a new era, as this draft was the first one where we knew at the end of the season we were to keep 5 players for the following season, which was later upped to 8 players, and then 10, as we continued to democratically develop everything. It was still a random order, snake draft in that season, but this was the last time we ever did it. We only had 15 teams that year, but did find our 16th for the following year, and haven't had any different number since. Different managers sure, but no more and no less.

Drafts 5 through 9 didn't see many huge changes, save the introduction of a lottery to determine the order which came sometime throughout those years. We did begin to see the fruits of our labours throughout these years however, as all those contracts, rules, and regulations began to work.

Now, here were are a decade later and we still have the best damn fantasy hockey league on the planet. I don't how many of you realize how close this was all to coming to and end last year. The dark days of The Dub was rough, and it was literally a flip of a coin - 2 out of 3 - that kept it open in the end. I'm delighted that lady luck was on our side that day, as I think that would have been one of the biggest regrets in my life had it gone another way.

But history is exactly that; history. The future is upon is. Good luck to everyone in their drafting today, and let's make this 10th anniversary an awesome one!

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