Monday, October 13, 2014

Mover and Shaker Base

The league kicked into gear this week - woohoo! - and with that began the long journey to the championship title for sixteen impressive GMs. It's believed that this year will be a very competitive one, with several teams being in the mix for many months to come.

As always, to help with that championship run, we will have Mover and  Shaker awards to give out, but this years awards will be handled a little differently. Instead of a weekly award for one GM, we will be giving out a monthly award to two GMs. Every team started off at 0 this year - in previous years it was the end rank and points total of the year prior - but the base rank and points total that we will be using for the awards was where everyone stood on the first Sunday of the year, which was yesterday. Those base numbers are below:

Check back on November 9th for the first winners!

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