Monday, December 8, 2014

Mover and Shaker Month Two

The stats were indeed captured yesterday, on the day it was supposed to for the Monthly Mover and Shaker Awards. Yes, this post is a day late - the Commish got shit to do sometimes yo. #HoHoHo

At this point last month we say a clear divide between a top tier and a bottom one, the top 8 and the bottom 8 in this case, interestingly enough. One month later, and the exact same teams are in the exact same tiers, albeit some have shifted around slightly.

Let's focus on those tiers for a minute. Currently we have, as we did last month, Greatness leading the top tier of 8. His lead is not as commanding as it was last month, but the 8th place team - No Homers - still has 51.5 points to get to him. The 2nd placed team - Zig Zag Zambonies - has it bad enough needing 22.5 points to topple him. From ranks 2 to 7 we have ZZZ, Jack Daniels Ghost, Caribous, FIGJAM, King Flameheads and Flames - they are all only 22 points within each other.

The bottom tier starts a full 22 points below the 8th place team, lead by The inTIMidators who is pretty much the only one of that pack worth mentioning at the moment... save one.

In Moving and Shaking this month we have one GM from each tier. In the top tier we have a past champion from the pre-keeper era strutting a bit stuff this year. Jack Daniel's Ghost's 23 point gain popped him up 4 ranks this month, taking him into 3rd overall. From the bottom tier we have a team with a whopping 35 point gain to cap off this months awards. This feat was achieved by 'Da Jefferson's' Moose, who has also climbed 4 ranks this month, taking him to 11th overall. For this, they both win a move.

The Stats:

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