Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mover and Shaker Month Three

The two tiers we examined in the first two months remain intact, with no team cracking the middle ground, neither moving north nor south - there is still almost a 20 point split between the top eight and bottom eight teams. The grouping of teams remain the same as before albeit, as per normal, things have shifted. In fact, Flame's rapid decent down the latter, and FIGJAM's opposite rise up, have opened up the possibility of new tiers forming in the coming month. If we dig a little deeper into the top tier, we should point out that there is also a 20+ point difference from rank 2 to rank 3. This means Greatness at number one, and newcomer FIGJAM at number two is a solid lock at the moment. Then there's a dog fight between 5 teams - King Flameheads, Jack Daniel's Ghost, Zig Zag Zambonies, No Homers, and Caribous - for 3rd overall, with only 8 points splitting them all.

We've already named the two Movers and Shakers for this month, both of whom come from the top tier. The 2nd highest point-gainer was No Homers, who narrowly edged out King Flameheads by only one point. His 14.5 points was nothing in comparison to FIGJAM, however, who gained a massive 27.5 points this month. He is now closer to the number one overall, Greatness, than anyone has been thus far - now only 11.5 points away. For these feats this month, both No Homers and FIGJAM gain a free move. Congrats.

The Stats: