Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mover & Shaker October

It's nearly a full month into the 11th season of our beloved league, and as per normal things have been extremely interesting thus far. The season began with last years top contenders immediately selling off most of their player assets in a tactic to ensure many of the very best players return to their rosters for future years. This set off a trade flurry as the teams who weren't giving up this year pushed to get as many of those assets as they could. All teams were basically forced to make a decision of whether or not to make a run this year or not, pretty much immediately. Everyone joined in, selling whatever assets they could, for either players or picks depending on their current outlook. As of this morning, there have been 33 trades made already in this early season, involving 89 player movements, along with 94 trade pick movements. Even at this very early junction, most of the teams are completely unrecognizable to the teams they started the year as.

After the bulk of trade activity calmed down, a top 8 / bottom 8 prediction was made by yours truly, based on gut feelings of the on paper rosters. As of right now, that prediction is near perfect, save two teams throwing it off. Ploughman's Posse hasn't quite held onto his early strong start, and has fallen just out of the top tier of 8. And Greatness appears to have the opposite issues; even after selling off top talent, he sits in 3rd place overall, seemingly unable to tank the season correctly. It's still extremely early, however, and whether or not this prediction comes true, or how it will fall out exactly within those tiers is yet to be known. Rotisserie is a bitch, and sometimes the unknown can bite everyone in the ass.

We have a slight change to the Mover and Shaker award this season. Instead of doing this every 4 weeks - Sunday to Sundays - the awards will be declared on the 1st of every month, as a recap of sorts to the month prior. This first month is an easy calculation, based on everyone being tied for 1st at the start with 144.5 points. We have 9 teams above that mark currently, with the top two being Milltown Moose, and The inTIMidators. Their gains of 52.5 and 37.5 points respectively, not only put them in the top positions of the league, but also crown them the 1st month's Mover and Shakers, gaining them a free move each.

The Stats: