Monday, May 16, 2016

Lottery Draft Results 2016

10 GMs took part in this past weekends' year-end bash, and it was a fun ol' time as per normal. It actually may have been the most we have ever had at one of these things, so that was special to be part of. We could have taken the opportunity to make a variety of changes, but we didn't - drinking was too much fun. We did, however, change one thing regarding the weight of the pre-lottery. It will now be a descending order of balls from 6 to 1, according the to how the teams placed, giving better odds to the team with the 9th pre-lottery pick.

As always, we did indeed conduct the lottery to determine the order of picks for next season. Not too many huge surprises this year, with the 3 teams with the best odds retaining their pre-lottery positions at 1, 2, 3. Here's how it all turned out:

The draft lottery page has been updated to include a whole new sheet for the 15 teams that will now be drafting. Everything has been adjusted accordingly after the loss of Zig Zag Zambonies (aka THE DEAD ZONE) this past season.

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