Friday, April 14, 2017


We may need an expansion draft of some sort if we go with 16 teams at any point in the future, which is the ultimate way to go. We can make it work with anything less than that though, provided we have even teams, but we'd have to adjust the schedule - this will be handled by the commish, if necessary.

Any quitting GMs in any year will have to wait no less than 3 full seasons before being allowed to join again. This is important to note as we do not want any 'bad' team from taking a year off and then trying to take advantage of the expansion rules listed below.

If we do need to expand, here's the rules (and we will need to expand in pairs if we do)

For Keepers:
- Current teams get to protect 8 players from their team.
- New GMs A and B play rock paper scissors 2 out of 3 to determine who picks players first (if not possible, then a random draw).
- One by one they select 8 players from the rosters of the current teams. Each team cannot select more than one player from any one team.
- Current teams then select their final 2 keepers from their roster.
- One by one the 2 new GMs select their final 2 keepers from the roster of the originals.

For Draft:
The 2 new teams will be awarded 9th and 10th picks in the draft. Team who selected a keeper player first, gets 10th pick. Second selector gets 9th.

For Division:
Both teams will be added to Division D for their first season

Should this expansion possibility become a reality, all rules surrounding schedule and divisions could be slightly adjusted to handle the influx.

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