Friday, April 14, 2017


There are some changes and additions that come with this shift in focus to Head-To-Head, but many things remain the same.

Regarding Stats:
These will remain exactly as they were, including the additional inflation on point-getters - it's been a philosophy of The Dub for this long, so it will remain now.

Regarding Rosters:
These will remain exactly the same as they were.

Regarding Injury Reserve Slots:
Instead of the 2 IR slots that we have, we will have 1 IR and 2 IR+. The difference is that IR+ allows you to put DTD and OUT players in that slot. IR will still only allow actual IR players.

Regarding Transactions:
There is maximum of 2 transactions per week and a YEARLY maximum of 40. NOTE: 2 moves X 25 weeks (including playoffs) = 50 total. There will be opportunities to gain yearly transactions through the season however, and yes, the can be included in trade addons. You can only use 2 per week no matter what, however. Anything gained or lost is regarding the yearly totals.

Regarding Minimum Games:
There is no weekly or season minimums for players, but Goalies MUST play 3 games a week.

Regarding weekly awards:
I will be bringing back a weekly award of free moves. It will no longer be the mover and shaker, however, but instead the Ass-Kicker of the Week. This will be awarded to the team that has the highest points spread in a win. Each Ass-Kicker will gain 2 free transactions.

Regarding dues, winning, losing, and monetary bragging rights:
The entry fee of each year will be $25.00. There will also be a weekly LOSER FEE as well, whereby the loser must add $2.00 to the pot. A tie will be split, a buck a piece.

(12 X $25.00 = $300.00) + (6 x $2.00 x 21 = $252.00) = $552.00

We will have a 'Presidents Trophy' where the top team PRE-Playoffs gets $52.00

The Playoff Champion gets $300.00, runner up gets $150.00, and 3rd gets $50.

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