Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017-18 Lottery Draft

Our lottery system can indeed be a real cruel bitch to some, but also extremely rewarding to others. It was definitely both this year. It truly is a wild thing to see 1 of 2 balls being selected out of a 40 total - and a shitty thing for Omar Epps's Nipples who had this happen to him, pushing his selection down to 8th pick from 2nd odds he had. The horrible luck wasn't only his to bear, however, as Caribous saw a similar fate in dropping to 7th pick from 3rd odds. On the other end of the spectrum, the 9th odds team No Homers - his picked now owned by Greatness - saw his position rise all the way up to 3rd, and Milltown Moose, who had 8th place odds, rose to 2nd overall! Pretty amazing.

The draft picks tracker page is now updated, and you'll see two sheets there; one with all 14 teams who played last year included, and one without. The 12 team final one has all of inTIMdators and Untrust's picks removed, with all the ones below it bumping up accordingly.

There were 4 GMs in attendance for this lottery, and while we were all together havin' a time, we also picked the games for the final and first weeks of the year, randomly by draw. These two 'Rival Games' were needed to fill out the 22 week schedule when we dropped a couple teams. The schedule is now fully complete and at any point you can see what your year looks like. When the leagues open up, these will be input exactly like this week by week.

Onward we go - September 1st is Keeper due date.