Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2017-2018 Champion

It was a Cinderella year for this GM, who started the year with a handful of keepers and no draft picks before the 12th round. Through hard work and determination he turned his team into gold throughout the year, first winning the Presidents Trophy as the seasons top team, before toppling all his competition in our first ever Head-To-Head playoffs - to become the leagues second 3 time champion, let alone our first H2H Champ. Congratulations No Homers. Incredible year.

King Flameheads takes home 2nd place after losing in the final week.

Greatness ended up beating Caribous for 3rd place. It was a tie at the end, but the season record between those two decided the victor.

Fantastic year everyone! #H2HForeva

(P.S. The digital cup files are lost and I can no longer update it. I have to work on something for us)

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